Team Size: 3

Role: Level/Game Design

The looming presence of that which you can not see…


This horror project was a joint effort with two designers. As a paranormal investigator who tries to uncover the paranormal activity inside an office building, you soon realize you bit of more than you can chew. This game functions as a vertical slice and showcases the unique horror mechanics and a few of the horror set-pieces that invoke the fear and dread into the player.


The player is able to gaze through the eyes of the entity he’s chasing when covering their own vision. Using this for too long makes the entity aware of your position which means he will start to hunt in that direction. The power of the entity grows stronger the further the player gets into the game, leaving them to question where will the influence end? We were able to make some very compelling set pieces that actually startled players and sometimes us as the developers.


My Responsibilities:

  • Set-Piece Design of Set-Piece 1,2 and 4
  • All Set-Piece logic (made with PlayMaker)
  • Level Design
  • The concept which was a joint effort.


All art credit goes to their creators.

Game Trailer

Game Walkthrough

Copyright 2016 Jan van Lamoen