Team Size: 30+

Role: Narrative/Game Designer


Set to release in Q3 2017

Publisher: THQNordic

A fantasy world in shambles, when war and rebellion tear a world apart. Will you be able to do what is right?




My first larger commercial project, a big challenge for my skills as a writer and as a Game Designer. SpellForce 3 is a unique blend between RTS and RPG mechanics. Putting a strong emphasis on Hero stories together with epic sized battles. It comes with a full 30 hour single-player campaign.


Doing more hands on writing than ever before gave me good insight. Both into what it actually takes to create meaningful and fun quests. And what resources are needed to do so from the writing and design department. Being responsible for all written content while still doing actual quest designs, was very challenging but even more satisfying and rewarding. We created a 30 hour single-player campaign with meaningful stories and interesting twists on the RTS and RPG blended mechanics. SpellForce 3 was my first journey of hopefully many into the world of quest design.


My Responsibilities:

  • All written content (dialogues, glossary's, item descriptions etc.)
  • Quest and Content design.
  • Narrative Design.
  • Leading the writing department.
  • Owning and managing deadlines.
  • Presentations (Gamescom, PAX).

Me presenting at Gamescom

PvP Teaser

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