Team Size: 18

Role: Narrative/Game Designer

Depression in a world of darkness, how would you fare when being disabled with a troubled past?




See Me is one of my most ambitious projects, a narrative game that follows the life of a blind depressed man. It challenges the player to live through three days of the man’s life trying and make the “best” decisions possible. The aim of the project was to challenge the player; put them in the shoes of this person. Then, see how they fare with the troubles of the past. All this while putting them outside of their comfort zone ergo being blind. The game eventually evaluates the player’s “performance” and reflects back on the decisions that have been made.


My Responsibilities:

  • Original Concept, together with 2 other designers.
  • Narrative Design
  • Writing Dialogue
  • Voice Director
  • Managing the Game Design Document
  • Blind world Design

Game Trailer

Game Walkthrough

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