Move Mania

Team Size: 2

Role: Level/Game Design

Game Walk through

Movement is key, isn’t it? This puzzle game challenges the player to think about their movement before they act.


It was a challenge to create an interesting puzzle mechanic and movement can be a confusing thing. Move Mania revolves solely around the movement of the player. When the player moves, blue platforms move, when the player stands still, red platforms move. A third platform mixes things up moving one way when the player moves and the other when standing still.


I am particularly proud that I was able to create interesting and compelling puzzles without losing oversight or track of the project. It was a fun and extremely educational journey to create Move Mania. This project invoked a substantial amount of my interest for mechanics and gameplay.


My Responsibilities:

  • All gameplay logic, made with the PlayMaker plugin for Unity.
  • The full concept.
  • Puzzle Mechanic Design.
  • Level Design

Art credit goes to Sasan Sepehr.

Copyright 2016 Jan van Lamoen