Team Size: 4

Role: Lead Designer/Project Manager

An exploding match-3 game that requires you to light as much firework as possible and make the dragon dance!



It was a great opportunity to be a lead designer on a project. Especially since this was the second project I did within the company. I was given the opportunity to create a sequel to an existing game which made the overall game design work rather low. Then again there had to be 30 levels according to the new mechanics and there was a lot of planning work involved. It gave me a great insight towards being a project leader which means I can safely say I enjoyed it. The game was a success and was completed on schedule. I was lucky to work with talented individuals that made the experience of being a project leader for the first time an incredible joy to do.



My Responsibilities:

  • Scoping and Planning the project.
  • Creating and implementing all the levels.
  • Organizing and leading daily stand ups.

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