Boogie Bird

Team Size: 9

Role: Game Designer/Producer

A dancing game that requires you to have a taste for paradise. Dance like never before to woo the ladies!


As one of my first global game jam games it was an amazing experience. Creating a game in 48 hours is not an easy task but it is a fun one. The theme of the GGJ was "ritual", and it took us a little while before we came up with the dancing paradise birds. We took our inspiration from an animal documentary that showed all kinds of amazing bird mating rituals. The ones that stood out the most were the amazing dances some of the birds performed to attract their mates. So after some discussion we decided to create a mechanic based on these dances.


During the project I took one two roles, Designing the dance mechanic and making sure everyone has their eyes on the same goal. To design the mechanic I took one main goal into account. We are NOT making dance dance revolution. This meant that we could not have any button prompts showing you how to dance. Instead we gave the player full control over the rig of the bird and let them mess around with it as much as they could. Balancing this was not an easy task, and in all honesty it could've been a whole lot better if we had the time. Nevertheless the mechanic worked and people really appreciated the free style dancing mechanic.


48 hours is absolutely nothing to make a game, so I found it very important that everyone knew what they should be working on at what time. Another important thing was to know when to drop something because it isn't working and start on something else. Due to this and some amazing effort from everyone, we were able to create an incredible fun looking game that revolved around dancing.


My Responsibilities:

  • Game Design.
  • Time boxing/planning out the work.
  • Work closely with the programmer.
  • Create, balance and tweak the dance mechanic.

Game Trailer

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